Upcoming Events

With the better part of winter behind us, we’re looking toward the Spring at Cal Florit. Here’s an update on some on-going and upcoming activities in the area:

Season of Calçots

The calçot season is in full swing and lasts through Easter. For those of you not in the know, calçots are a native delicacy, only cultivated and enjoyed in Catalunya. A cross between an overgrown scallion and a leek, calçots are deliciously sweet onions that have been planted, harvested and planted again until full grown. Cooked over an open fire until charred and tender, they are enjoyed with a romescu sauce and consumed by the dozen. A proper calçotada includes grilled artichokes, lamb and blood sausage. But be careful, they’re addictive. There are many places to enjoy calçots near Vilafranca and at Cal Florit we’ve been known to host a few calcotadas ourselves!

The Xató Season

A heady salad of winter escarole, salt cod, tuna, black olives and a romescu sauce, it is a popular feature on local menus and featured in monthly local festivals in which the most distinctive of preparations – be it from Vilafranca, Sitges, Vilanova or El Vendrell – are featured. While all enjoy the same basic ingredients, the difference lies in the preparation of the sauce: a bit more tomato, a little more spice, hazelnuts or almonds, you be the judge!


One of our favorite holidays at Cal Florit. Ash, palm fronds, J.S. Bach, Roast Lamb, not to mention Palm Sunday Mass and the Mass of the Resurrection. Plus various representations of The Passion in the Vilafranca area.

March 21

The first day of Spring when all of Cal Florit is in bloom!

Vijazz: 5-7 July

Catalunya’s premier jazz festival celebrated in Vilafranca del Penedès. The streets of the town come alive with music, all totally free. And to accompany the music, what better than a tasting of the finest selection of local wine, cava and tapas. Be sure not to miss it. Cal Florit is your balcony to enjoy all the festivities.

Festa Major

What better way to enjoy summer’s end than at Vilafranca’s local festival. Music, dancing, giants, dragons, the dance of fire and of course Human Castles. All beginning August 28. The most acclaimed of all summer’s festivals in Catalunya.

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